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Mission Haiti, Inc.

About Us

Mission Statement

  • Our organization exists for the purpose of spreading the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • We have been called as servants to extend the Great Commission in every walk of life and take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the dear people of Haiti.

  • Our mission is counseled by God’s Holy Word and no other identity or influence will dictate our actions.

  • Our continuing quest for God’s approval will never be diluted by personal feelings or individual desires.

  • The building of the Kingdom of God extends to every officer, board member, and personal association regarding our calling and mission.

Guiding Principles

  • Seek first the Kingdom of God and look to the Word of God for guidance and direction in all that we do. 

  • Complete unwavering support for God’s called missionary servant to Haiti, Miss Phyllis Newby.

  • We will never engage in any activity or motive that might in anyway hinder the work our Lord desires for the dear people of Haiti.

  • In all things we will be a shining light and messenger as instructed by the Holy Ghost.


  • We will never intentionally damage the cause of Christ by inappropriate conduct or association with any identity that operates contrary to the Word of God.


  • In all things the Lord Jesus is glorified, edified, and receives all glory, honor and credit for any accomplishments obtained by our organization.


Our History

In the spring of 1983 Marshall Blankenship, from Swannanoa, North Carolina, made his first mission trip to Haiti. He joined with a group of Christians from North Carolina and Florida to construct a building that would be used for church and school in the village of Pell Mell. During the 2 weeks he was in Haiti, Marshall worked alongside Miss Phyllis Newby (Missionary to Haiti) and many Haitian friends. Phyllis was born in Jamaica and as a young lady came to Haiti in the early 70's, dedicating her life to the mission field and trusting God for her needs to be met. Her unwavering faith and the courage in which she labored moved Marshall to do more.

Returning home from Haiti, Marshall began to tell others about his experience, and as interest spread and others became regular volunteers, the idea for Mission Haiti Inc. was born. Over the years many people from all over the world have become involved in the work in Haiti and work camps there have involved construction projects, medical clinics, hunger relief, pastor training, mechanic and maintenance work, and church services. Our main focus, however, is to tell others of the love of Jesus Christ and illustrate it through work and ministry in and for Haiti.


Mission Haiti is an incorporated, 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian organization, operated solely by volunteers. Our specific goal is to share the Gospel of Jesus to others as we assist God's work in Haiti. We are proud that all donations go directly to benefit the work in Haiti. No one at Mission Haiti, Inc. receives any financial compensation for their work. We have provided the opportunity for many lay people and ministers to experience a mission trip to Haiti.  The opportunity to witness is never far away; on the job site, in medical clinics, and around the village. Although most of us do not speak the same language, God's love speaks with power.


The Gospel of Jesus is spreading in Haiti and our fellow laborers need our help and support. If you are encouraged to be involved with Mission Haiti, please let us know. The assistance MHI provides, whether through prayer, physical labor, or financial help is enhanced through people like you, offering to help where you can, and the sharing of your blessings.

Mission Haiti, Inc.
Mission Haiti, Inc.
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