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Mission Haiti, Inc.
Mission Haiti, Inc. - PHYLLIS NEWBY

Miss Phyllis Newby

On a visit to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, God spoke to Sister Phyllis Newby and gave her a burden for both the people and the country. Shortly after her return from Haiti, Sister Newby graduated from the School of Theology in Jamaica. She went on to attend and graduate from Anderson College in Anderson Indiana where she received a degree in both Theology and English and a minor in both Sociology and History. After her graduation from Anderson College in July of 1972, she traveled to Port-au-Prince to begin fulfilling her call.

Since she arrived in Haiti, Sister Phyllis Newby has seen God work in many wonderful ways. God has truly blessed her work, but only because of her obedience to Him. Many hours of prayer, fasting, blood, sweat and tears, are what have made her such a blessing to the Haitian people. Her gentle spirit and beautiful smile only help to draw others to her message of Jesus.

Over the years, Phyllis has been instrumental in the development and management of over 200 church-schools, representing nearly 40,000 children. Phyllis also started an orphanage for 13 children who were orphaned after their parents drowned while attempting to reach the United States. Since that time, the home has grown to include over 50+ children who are being brought up in the "nurture and admonition of the Lord." While growing them up in the Lord, they also receive good food, health care and education. Once ready to leave the home, each child will be equipped to make a difference in Haiti.

In addition to the church-schools and orphanage, Phyllis also aided in the construction of a hospital facility on the Mission Center property which is located in the town of Saintard. Since there are no other hospital facilities in the area, it is a great need. These are just a few examples of the work God has led Phyllis to do in Haiti. She continues to work fulfilling her call, while spreading the Word of God.

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