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Mission Haiti, Inc. - BARBER SHOP

Barber Shop/ Sewing Shop 

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a life time…” Welfare and handouts do not sustain long-term economic independence or personal self-esteem and well being! The answer lies in helping individuals provide for themselves. This is done through providing aid only when it is necessary and preparing people to make their own way in life.

Mission Haiti is committed to seeing this happen. We want to help those who can not help themselves but for those who are able to find their own way we want to help them prepare to become more self sufficient. This is done primarily by teaching them life skills that are marketable. We want to help them earn a living to support their families and to travel down a better road in life.

MHI built a bakery in the village of Citi Bleu and was able to provide jobs for many people in the community. We are now building a barber shop/sewing shop that Lord willing, will provide that many more jobs.

UPDATE - One of our Fall 2017 Mission Teams traveled to Citi Bleu to put the finishing touches on the Barber Shop and Sewing Shop. The folks that are now working in these two new businesses helped our team with painting and other projects to help get these shops open for business. Helping to new businesses to get started so Haitians can have jobs is a new venture for Mission Haiti. Please pray with us that God will use this new avenue of ministry for His glory. The Bakery that is located at Citi Bleu is also open for business. The smell of fresh baked bread can now be found as you get closer to Citi Bleu. We thank God for his blessing upon these new businesses.

Children's Ministry

The children are the future for any community. The opportunities for the children of Haiti are sometimes not as available as they are for children in other parts of the world. Mission Haiti has always had a special place in our hearts for the children of Haiti. No matter where we go we always attract the children of the community. They are curious, playful and love for the members of our mission teams to take time to interact with them. We always take time to tell them about Jesus and how much he loves them. We pass out clothing, food, candy and toys whenever these are available. Pray for the children of Haiti and also pray that God will provide the funding for us to fulfill the call He has placed on our hearts to minister to the children of Haiti.

Mission Haiti, Inc. - CHILDREN'S MINISTRY
Mission Haiti, Inc. - FEEDER PROJECT

Feeding Project

Hunger and starvation are issues that far too many Haitians are familiar with. Mission Haiti works with Miss Phyllis Newby to distribute food to villages and communities across Haiti. Your donation to Mission Haiti allows us to purchase food and transport it to the areas that have the greatest needs. Pray that God will continue to bless our Feeding Project and that he will provide the funds needed to keep this life saving project going.

Medical Project

Healthcare is something that many of us take for granted. We assume that it will always be there for us. However, this is not the case for many people in Haiti. Often simple medical issues that if treated early and many times with over the counter medication go untreated in Haiti. Many Haitians do not have access to healthcare and this simple medical issue turn into life threatening and sometimes fatal issues. Mission Haiti brings teams of volunteer healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.) to communities to conduct medical clinics. These clinics regularly treat 100 to 300 people in a day. As a partner with Mission Haiti your donations allows us to purchase the medicine and medical supplies needed to conduct these medical clinics. If you are a healthcare professional we would love for you to become a member of one of our medical mission teams. You can write us at one of our mailing addresses of send us an email at our email address.

Mission Haiti, Inc. - MEDICAL PROJECT
Mission Haiti, Inc. - MEDICAL PROJECT

Local Church Ministry

As a Christian missions organization our priority is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We incorporate sharing the gospel into everything we do. It does not matter if we are involved in a building project, feeding project, medical clinic, etc. our mission team members never miss the change to share the gospel and show the love of Jesus Christ. Our mission teams have been blessed to be able to support the ministry of local Haitian churches across Haiti. Members of our teams who are ministers often fill the pulpit of a local church on a Sunday morning while lay members of our team minister in song and through sharing what Christ has done for them. We also conduct Vacation Bible School events for Pastors of local Haitian churches. Pray for the continued blessing of God on this ministry.

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